Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Things To Do After You Get Fired

Exactly one week ago today, I was fired from a job I held for almost 12 years. Even now I'm not quite clear on why I was fired. It had something to do with my fat, arthritic, old, diabetic, anemic, sciatica-wracked self being potentially violent.At least that's the story my former boss will tell the Department of Labor. In reality it was a case of: don't make an enemy of your HR Lady.

All this unemployment I've experienced this past week has filled me with insight. It has shown me that there are five things that you MUST do after you get fired. Well, maybe MUST all capitalized like that is a bit much. Five things you must do. . . Nope, must is too pushy a word even uncapitalized. How 'bout: Five things you should do after you get fired. Yeah, no-- you shouldn't do these things at all, unless you really want to. It is list of five things I did after I got fired-- only not so much. I've only gotten to three of them. Aw hell, this is a list. A random list I pulled from the list making gland I have located between my gluteus and maximus:

1. Have ex-co-workers buy you lots and lots of beer.

2. Clean your house.

3. Make jewelry.

4. See if you can finagle a bit more sympathy and have ex-co-workers buy you more beer.

5. Start a blog.

Right now I am hard at work trying to make 2 and 4 happen. House and ex-co-workers have a tendency to stay dirty and not want to support your beer habit indefinitely.

On the jewelry front I do have this:

It is lovingly described by my son as 'slug-like'.

If you have a fervent wish to keep me in beer or would like to see other jewelry I've made, you can head on over to my Etsy shop.

There! Now I'm down with all the cool kids. I got an Etsy AND a blog. 

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