Saturday, August 20, 2011

It Doesn't Take Long For Doubt To Set In

No sooner than I set circular saw to 2X4, I started to feel that I may have bit off more than I can chew. The The Hofstra University Craft & Gift Show is a top end type show. It's jury paneled, displays must be approved beforehand and it's on the expensive side. It seems a bit much for my very first craft fair.

A little research (isn't the internet grand?) did nothing to alleviate my doubts. Everywhere is the advice to do little, inexpensive craft shows first. Also advised: be prepared for wind. The vendors of the Hofstra fair recommend everyone have a tent. It's a recommendation and not mandatory, unlike a 4 sided tablecloth that reaches all the way to the ground which is mandatory. I am in no way prepared for wind. A jury panel? What if they tell me no. I'd be crushed! They judge not only what you are selling but your set up as well. I'm sure my set up will not look at all polished. How could it be if that was my first show ever?

Perhaps I should start smaller. The 2nd Annual Craft Fair looks to be more my speed. It's a fundraiser for a school for the blind and the spaces are much, much cheaper. AND there are inside spaces so I wouldn't have to worry about wind. The downside is that it's very far away without the guaranteed traffic of the Hofstra fair. And then there's the very uncomfortable feeling one gets when one is gifted with much of God's seasoning, melanin, while in Gotti Country. Hey, it's a fact of life.

There is a third option. Showtiques Crafts do not require any photographs and there is no jury. They have top notch locations very close to me. It is very slightly more expensive than the Nassau County Fair group. Their site shows them off to be a bit less user-friendly.

What to do? What to do? I know! Stay up all night making jewelry and fretting. And wondering how much inventory will I need to take? You can never take too much, since you can always bring it back again but what if all the stuff I have isn't enough?

One good thing, I made a lot of jewelry last night/this morning. I know it's a horrible picture (I seem to have lost my ability to take a decent picture indoors) but this earring bracelet combo has a gorgeous golden-green color that you'd really like if you could see it properly.

Now to work on the display. I wonder if it's a good idea to work power tools while sleep deprived.


  1. Tough one! I think it's smart to start with the little shows, too - get your feet wet and don't get discouraged.

    You can do this!

  2. As of now, I'm leaning towards the 3rd option as I have my doubts I can convince my husband to drive me that far for the school for the blind craft show. It is 40 miles away and over an hours drive one way.