Thursday, September 22, 2011

5 Things I Didn't Know Two Months Ago

1) The Portuguese Man 'O War isn't a jellyfish. It ain't a fish and it ain't jelly neither. They are a collection of organisms. Like a whole colony of crazy-looking stings.

2) Your homeowner's insurance can drop you for no reason at all and without warning. Me, I think there may have been a "no cursed Indian Burial grounds allowed on property" clause.

3) Melissa and Jenny McCarthy are first cousins. Their fathers are brothers. If you ask me, Jenny should have passed on a few skinny genes to Melissa and Melissa should have shared some of her I'm-not-a-retard genes with Jenny.

4)Laughing Cow cheese wedges are real cheese and not processed cheese stuff, like my other favorite "cheese"-- squeeze cheese (you may know 'squeeze cheese' as 'cheese in a can'. You can stop that now). It is not processed cheese stuff but real, good old-fashioned, really bland tasting cheese.

5) Cloisonné is like stained glass work in miniature. Those are actual soldered pieces of metal inlaid with enamel. Ancient cloisonne used teeny, tiny gemstones.

EDITED 9/27/11 Removed broken pic.

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