Monday, October 24, 2011

Outdoors Here I Come!

So I sent an application to one of those big name fair promoters. The kind where you have to send a picture of your set up and be reviewed. The ones that cost three times as much as the smaller, not so heavily promoted, church and/or civic group type fairs. Oh and,it's outdoors. Why I was sure I was not going to pass jury review, I don't know.

Now, I've been trying to make money selling jewelry and, so far, I've not really. All the money I've made selling stuff has been put right back into this "business". Or, in the case of Astoria Market, put right back into beer and food. So for this fair I was determined NOT to plow any more money into it. I'd pay for my table and that's it!

Jury reviewed meant that I had to send a picture of my set up along with the application. Good, I'd actually get to use the table I bought ($56 on sale at Home Desperate) and never used. Me and hubby did up the table in the backyard. We've never set up outside before. This'll be a learning experience.

It was a lovely day. Partly cloudy with a nice breeze. Hubby mowed after he carried all the heavy things out and set up the very sturdy and easy to manipulate table. The Display Thingee is perfect. Just heavy enough to sit rock solid on the table but not so heavy it's impossible for one person to carry. And once the earrings are hooked up into the mesh, they ain't going no where. But everything else? Blown away by moderate wind gusts.

Another reason why I thought the review would go bad was because I took the picture without all the cute doodads and whatnots on my table. I had to be quick and snap pics in between gusts since they blew my ring pill boxes around like, well, like something lightweight in a gust of wind.

I'm sorta glad this happened. It showed me that I could not get away with not having a tent in an outdoor fair. The problem was, I could not afford a damned tent. You're talking $280 for a canopy and side walls-- and that's cheap! I searched and I searched and I finally found the cheapest tent in all of the interwebs. This portable beach tent. Came out to a total of $150. That's a hunnert fiddy I do not have. And, since I purchased this tent with the sole qualification that is was the cheapest one I could find, I'm sure it'll be a piece of crap that won't stand.

It is supposed to be here today or tomorrow. Hubby is prepared to set the table and the tent up in the backyard when it gets here. For practice. Oh and we're fucked if it rains. Man, I so wanted to turn a real profit at this fair. What fair? you ask. Why the Rockville Centre Fall Festival. I'll be there on Saturday, October 29th.

In other news, I just made these earrings on commission. The person is going to a black and white ball in November and her only stipulation was that, "I want people to know I got my own personal jewelry designer!" She loves gigantor earrings-- she's West Indian and them girls love themselves some big-assed bling-- and I'm worried she's not going to like them because they're just not BLING!! enough.

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