Friday, December 9, 2011

Do Not Discriminate Against the Twisted and Deformed

Even though my first try at wire weaving was not as uniform and even as I would have liked, that still doesn't mean it goes directly into the heart-shaped box. Sometimes even the ugly can be tricked out enough to let out of the house. I know because I have been known to leave the house every now and then without people running away in fear. Here is Hugo (I've named him after that actor from The Matrix and Lord of the Rings) all gussied up:

Also made-- this here pendant:

Man, I'm really enjoying making jewelry now that I've realized I won't be making any real money doing it. Now I make stuff without any thoughts other than, well, making stuff. I still have to photograph all the many things I've made and not photographed (it's a lot of things) and put them up in my Artfire studio and Etsy shop. Because making stuff and then piling them up on the dining room table to collect dust is sad.


  1. Good lord, Michele. Hugo WEAVING. :p

  2. And here I thought nobody'll understand my crazy.

  3. Honey, you hang out with the wrong kind of people.

    We ALL understand the crazy.


    (anonymous 'cause I don't HAVE an OpenID, damnit)