Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Something New To Try My Hand At-- Wire Weaving

There's flat wire weaving:

And there's viking weave.

You can also knit and crochet wire.

I wonder what you could do with knitted wire baby dresses? Whatever you do, don't let those pimping moms on Tots and Tiaras see them!

Flat weaving looks like something I could get into. Since I cannot knit or crochet with yarn, I don't see how using wire would change that.
I've been a bad and lazy girl. I did get up the last of the foam and tack strips but that's it. And I have not taken any pictures to update either my Etsy or my Artfire. I have made jewelry but that doesn't really count since I like doing that. Now, instead of hopping right on either of those two things that I don't wanna do, I'm going to go make some Mead.


  1. OMG the wire dresses are adorable. I don't know what I would do with one but they are sweet.

  2. Is a pattern available dot those cute pears?