Monday, December 12, 2011

Up Early

I've been very unsatisfied with my indoor picture taking. I used to take not too awful pictures indoors. Then I found the wonder of the natural light in the backyard last spring and all of a suddenly I forgot how to take a picture with indoor lights. Since i woke up so early this morning I thought, why not practice picture taking indoors? Especially since I have tons of stuff that I need to put into my shops but can't because I don't have any decent pictures of them.

Remember Freckles? She was the lovely lady at the Unique Bazaar craft show who gave me two bags of what she called "too ugly to sell" earrings. She figured I could take them apart and use them. And she was right! On the left is the original earring and the right is a brooch I made from it. See what a terrible picture it is?

Well, I practiced and practiced and jiggered and moved lights and messed with settings and finally produced this picture:

Once I realized I'm not going to get rich selling my jewelry, I started to make things without wondering how I'm going to 'market' them. I make whatever I like however it strikes my fancy. This bracelet is neither an earring nor in a box. Clearly it does not belong in either Artfire Studio or Etsy Shop (hey, just because it's not gonna pay the bills doesn't mean it can't pay for itself). Both Etsy and Artfire offer a separate storefront option. I may open a miscellaneous shop.

I'm rambling. Probably because it's 9 am and I've been up for 4 hours. Why did I wake up at such a ridiculous hour? I have no idea.

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