Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Designer WTF?

With Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj walking around looking ridiculous, high concept jewelry has never been more, um, whatthefuckish. Here is another round of ridiculous jewelry bought to you by GIS.

First off, how about some eye jewelry? For a mere $15,000 you can have decorative lenses made just for you. These are the yellow gold ones. You can also have white gold. For extra super bling, you can have them encrusted with diamonds. Because nothing says beauty like killer robots with lasers that shoot out from their eyes.

Big on the runway this season: Face jewelry! For when you're too ugly to be seen without a thick covering of gemstones on your face. Design team Erickson and Beamon have done work for Lady Gaga. . . and Michelle Obama. Can't wait for next year's Inauguration Ball!

Taxidermy jewelry.

I have nothing more to say except:

Oh hai! Have you seen my finger? It's about yay long and looks like a turd? I lost it when I turned into a zombie.

O.K., I gotta admit it. I really like Baiyang's designs. This is a cloud ring made from sterling silver and styrofoam. This ring is not practical but I'll be danged if it isn't totally adorable.

And there you have it. Another installation of art jewelry you can't (or shouldn't, if you know what's good for you) wear.

Queen of Sheeeba's Etsy
PinkSlinkie's Artfire Studio

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